Symptoms Of Drug Addiction

Other addictions

Signs that you or a loved one may have a problem with other addictions


As a person with an 'addictive personality' - I know what it's like, first hand to be addicted.

I have spent dozens of years of my life with more addictions than I ever care to count. Some were only a year or two - others hung on for much longer.

I am humiliated by how weak, pathetic and out of control I was in various states of addiction.

My wish is that I can help some of you - either you personally  - or one of your loved ones kick addictions, regain control and live life by your own terms.

This page contains a number of useful programs, some are information courses and others are hypnosis products. I remember using hypnosis for several of my addictions successfully - but that was before the internet and the fees to have those sessions were pretty steep... things are different now!

If I told you some of the things I was addicted, you'd likely have a pretty good laugh at my expense. Thankfully, the TV show "my strange addiction" didn't exist back then either.

With these systems, you can get the help you need to overcome addiction - in a way that is very reasonably priced and discreet so nobody will ever know (nice!)

I hope and pray these pages may be of some benefit to you. Bless you and may you have all the strength you need to get your life back. Power to you!


Addicted To Stealing - Other than quitting, you know this can't end well.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms - Use an easy hypnotic state to help normalize your body after drinking.

Living With An Alcoholic Husband - Simple, relaxing hypnosis helps you deal with a difficult situation.

Caffeine Addiction - Overcome caffeine addiction and get your natural energy back

Chewing Tobacco Addiction - Quit this toxic habit with the help of self hypnosis.

Chocolate Addiction - When you no longer can find where moderation is, use this cheap and easy tool.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment - Nobody has to know you sought help to quit. Cheap, effective and discreet.

Exercise Addition - The body has its limits. If you are pushing beyond a reasonable measure, help is here.

Gambling Addiction - It's never to late to face your demons. Even if you have lost everything, you can still save yourself.

Heroin Addiction Treatment - You can do it! Kick it for good this time.

Internet Addiction - Sure it's helpful to use the internet, but this thing has taken over your life.

Masturbation Addiction - Get the discreet help you need to gain control.

News Addiction - How many times a day do you check in to see what's going on?

Painkiller Addiction - No matter why you started, you know it's a problem if you're reading this.

Pornography Addiction - How many hours have you invested in finding that new hot scene to please yourself?

Sex Addiction - Put your life back in perspective.

Shopping Addiction - It's all fun and games until the credit card bill comes.

Stop Obsessive Thoughts - The best friend of every addiction is obsessive thoughts.

Sugar Addiction - For your teeth and your health, it's time to get this in check.

Tanning Addiction - What may seem fine to you in the moment is a future of problems.

Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict
Start living life on your terms again.

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